Hello everyone, welcome to the YOLO community. You must read this because you don’t want to miss this new BEING RICH CHANCE! YOLO is the abbreviation that means “You Only Live Once.” WallStreetBets members establish the YOLO community. The last “GameStop incident” made us realize that being united with having common goals and consensus will allow us to SUCCEED.

The idea of establishing YOLO was generated during discussions among partners in the WSB community. The members quickly reached a consensus on ideas, so we decided to do what we wanted to do! We created a genuinely autonomous community. Specifically, we will create a 100% decentralized and fully autonomous community with no institutions, no central individuals, called “YOLO”. The main quote and idea of the community” can be described by three words like “To the Moon.” “The society aims to avoid investment institutions and do not need large companies to get involved. We only need you, who are also individuals/retail investors. At the same time, as a member of the community, as long as you have the resources, technology, or time, you can contribute to the development and promotion of YOLO and reach an agreement on the future development of YOLO.

In the early days of the establishment of YOLO, the members of the WSB community gave YOLO a lot of support, including YOLO token design and the establishment of its economic model. YOLO is a progressively deflationary DeFi token. The main idea behind it is to provide a decentralized transaction network running on multiple chains such as ETH and BSC. The maximum supply of YOLO is 100 billion (100,000,000,000), and the previous token burning is 60%. Using the form of deflation + FOMO, 6% is deducted from each transaction, of which 2% is used for holders’ dividends, and black holes destroy 2%, 2% flows into the FOMO pool (if there is no transfer between accounts within 6 hours, all rewards in the pool will be sent to the last transaction address), thereby encouraging holders to actively participate in the promotion and reduce supply. As the supply decreases, the token’s Increasing scarcity, this inverse proportional relationship constitutes a reasonable supply and demand model. In addition, to ensure decentralization and prevent institutional giant whales from monopolizing the market and controlling arbitrage, the upper limit of each account cannot exceed 500 million (the excess will not be credited on bookkeeping), and the limit for a single transaction is 100 million as maximum. The critical element of YOLO’s success depends on market volatility and the enthusiasm of the market.

However, since cryptocurrency is destined to be linked to interests, if the YOLO community wants to remain purely decentralized, there must be some rules to secure the community from such goods. Therefore, the founding “team” of the YOLO community and the members of WSB has issued the following rules:

1. The YOLO community and its encrypted tokens belong to the community members. Our main idea is only initiator or volunteer for YOLO community, and we are only responsible for establishing and operating the YOLO community and providing fair distribution and ownership opportunities.

2. The founding members of the YOLO community, like future community members, do not directly hold YOLO tokens. If they want to own YOLO tokens, they must buy them from the free market. All tokens will be distributed fairly.

3. YOLO refuses to be invested by any investment institutions.

The YOLO community welcomes anyone who supports “YOLO” community ideas and willing to grow together with the YOLO community to join, but you need to be an actual individual investor. YOLO hopes you can understand that everyone shares this community, and every YOLO member is voluntarily contributing to our goals and ideals. We believe more and more people participate in and this experiment will become more and more realistic. Mark Twain once said: “History will not repeat itself, but it will always be surprisingly similar.

Finally, the YOLO community is still in its infancy stage. We welcome these kinds of help from everyone:

1. If you are a blockchain influencer, we welcome you to discuss YOLO cooperation on your platform.

2. If you want to help the core growth of the community, such as technology development, marketing plan formulation, or help YOLO establish new media channels, then welcome to email and discuss with us.

3. If you are the person in charge of the exchange, you are welcome to contact us to list YOLO tokens, but it should be noted that our team does not have any YOLO token quota cannot pay you any fees.

Finally, I hope again that when we will board YOLO to the moon.






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